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– 1st December 2015 –

Sbaam was an innovative online marketplace born to connect independent fashion brands with customers from all over the world.

Powered by a fashion-conscious community of consumers that had got access to exclusive apparel and accessories they wouldn't easily find elsewhere.

Sbaam aimed to offer its customers a selection of high quality and exclusive products from independent fashion labels. Through the stories behind the brands, Sbaam shared the passion and techniques of our designers, and their amazing creations, so that customers could have been sure that every purchase was really unique.”

Our dream

We had a very big dream, we wanted to bring the consciousness of beautiful Independent Fashion to a whole new level.

We have always seen Fashion as an Art, as a way to the express the deepest self both in the creative process of makers and in the mindful consumers’ choice of what to wear.

For us fashion is not another simple money-making machine, but a whole language that always made humanity that special race that stands on it’s own.

Our dream was to give voice to all the independent players in fashion like makers, designers, artists, bloggers, lovers and with them we wanted to create the perfect meeting point between independent producers and mindful consumers, one that must have been away from the pure logics of profits and must have prized beauty, creativity and passion.

We gave it all on this dream: our time, our passion and our money and we believe this years of efforts helped thousands of people in falling in love with independent fashion and in making much sought-after choices for their personal style.

This effort and this dream totally burnt us and our resources out before we were able to make the project self-sustainable, so today we decided to let this dream go.

It was a very suffered decision but on the other hand we are happy to know that we left a mark on many lives and we are sure that someone else will pick up this dream again in the future, because this world deserves more Independent Fashion and greater passion for Beautiful Things.

Alessio, Andrea, Luciano

Thanks so much! We published together more than 30.000 fashion posts for over 140.000 readers from all over the world.

We want to use this space to shine a little light on all the people and organizations that in many ways supported us and sustained our dream.

Organizations & Press

Thanks also to our families and friends that always sustained and encouraged us to pursue this huge dream, especially during the hardest moments.

Thanks to all the others that we might have forgot to add in this list.

Keep in touch with the founders

All our Sbaam emails are going to be deactivated, so please reach us on linkedin or via email.

Alessio Chirivì

Alessio Chirivì

– Content Manager –
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Andrea Mangano

Andrea Mangano

– CEO and UI/UX designer –
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Luciano Mammino

Luciano Mammino

– CTO and backend developer –
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